JLMS Apparel and SOAR Time

Is there really a fruit shirt? What happens from 8:59-9:41?

JLMS Spirit Wear

Looking to get some JLMS gear for your student? Wait no longer and go to the JLMS online spirit wear web store through Burghardt Sporting Goods. There is a variety of clothing options to pick from and does include Under Armour items. In addition, you can get the first ever JLMS Got fruit? t-shirt which sports a JLMS banana on the backside. You can access the online store by clicking on the following link.

JLMS Online Store

Orders need to be placed by Tuesday, September 4. The company gave us a turn around time of about 2-3 weeks. All items will be shipped to JLMS and distributed to students by their grade level teachers.


Over the course of the previous 2 school years, we have had a committee that reviewed and recommended a new daily schedule for JLMS. Our team presented to the board of education last February and provided opportunities for parents to learn about the new schedule and SOAR time. We are very excited to see the new schedule in action and the opportunities that SOAR time will bring to our students.

To begin, SOAR stands for Student Opportunity for Academic Reteaching or Richness. This daily period will provide students with needed intervention or enrichment opportunities. We will utilize this time in 2 main formats, addressing Tier 2 and Tier 3 student needs.

Tier 2 academic interventions are for students who have not mastered the current grade level content they are learning in class. Teachers will use common formative assessment data to identify students and request them to attend reteaching sessions during SOAR time. We will be training the students during the first 2 weeks of school on the process of getting signed-up and reporting to the correct destination on Tier 2 days (typically every Monday and Friday). If your student is not requested on a Tier 2 day they will have the ability to report to a destination to have a study hall atmosphere where they can work on the academics of their choice, complete a retake in the library, or read.

Tier 3 academic interventions or supports are for students who have not mastered foundational content skills (from previous grade levels) or have been identified as needing the opportunity to have additional supports (academic, social, or emotional). If your student needs a Tier 3 intervention in math or ELA, we will communicate with you and explain why your child needs the intervention and what program/plan we are using to fill in the missing foundational gaps. We are also providing guided study halls to identified students during this time and we will communicate with you if your student has been recommended for this additional academic support opportunity. SOAR time gives us the ability to provide additional supports via our student services department to meet the various needs of our students that arise during the school year. Tier 3 interventions will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during normal school weeks.

If your student has not been identified for a Tier 3 intervention, they will be enrolled in our enrichment courses. Each grade level will have 5 courses that students will rotate through over the course of the school year. Each rotation will consist of about 20 lessons and will expose students to curriculum that has previously not been part of JLMS. Teachers have selected content they have a passion for and are creating fun, interactive courses for students.

6th Grade Enrichment Courses

Mrs. Ward - Demonstration Speeches

Mr. Wersal - END (Environment, Numbers, & Data)

Mr. Hafermann - Coding

Mr. Jackson - Moments in History....In Lego

Mr. Dimmer - Poetry in Song (Taking a deeper look at the music you listen to)

7th Grade Enrichment Courses

Mrs. Mathews - EAP (Ecology Action Plan)

Mrs. Pabst - Infomercials: The Power of Persuasion

Mrs. Ingrassia - Mythology

Mrs. Miller - Financial Literacy

Mr. Taylor - Statistics in Sports

8th Grade Enrichment Courses

Mr. Maloney - Our Quirky English Language

Mrs. Tomich - Creative Writing

Mr. Bonjean - Stocks

Mr. Pfeiffer - Industrial Revolution and Urbanization Game

Mrs. Bowler - STEM Projects & Team Building