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How To Enroll For Prezi Training Courses And Things To Know On Selecting The Right Institution

Prezi is cloud based software used in the creation of presentation projects. This software runs on an online framework hosted by multiple web servers on the internet. Users are required to have individual accounts for the facilitation of project creation and modification. Account details of successful subscribers are held in the website servers and are available every time a new session is initiated. Prezi training courses have gradually evolved ever since the software was created.

This innovation was as a result of two brilliant minds who have tirelessly worked over the years to ensure that the software is at par with present trends. The name itself is a Hungarian short form for presentation. Further modifications of this software have gradually been witnessed as trends emerge and go. Multiple researchers have also partnered with the original developers in creation of more simpler and trendy versions.

Subscribers have the ability to prepare presentation projects with or without an internet connection. The software has several customization features such as the zoom and pan tools that are essential for changing the size of presentations in progress. Media can also be embedded within the project to enhance their outlooks. The media is interchangeably used with frames for better display purposes.

The offline version of this software is known as Prezi desktop and it allows premium users to edit and save their presentations on hard drives of their computers. The platform uses a certain file format to enable presentations to be saved offline. Once you have created an account online and have met the financial obligations, you are entitled to five hundred megabytes free storage space. One needs a valid email address and a unique username to create an account.

Another version of the software is known as Prezi Collaborate and it allows a maximum of ten people in one geographical location to collaboratively work on the same project. A subscriber may choose to invite participants to his projects and each participant is notified via email. They are able to work simultaneously once each one of them has an internet connection. Each member is also able to view and communicate via text with other members who are active.

There is an app built for apple devices that brings the Prezi software experience to smart phone and tablet devices. The touch screen framework enables subscribers to zoom and pan presentation projects with the use of their fingers. Templates for project preparations are included in this apple app.

This software is open source in nature thus, users can freely create presentation projects. They are however obliged to save their work on the website for copyright reasons. Only premium users have the ability to work offline hence save their projects on their computers.

The platform has a wide range of application all over the world. Companies have used it during corporate meetings to disseminate information to board members in form of virtual presentation. Higher institutions of learning have also used it to facilitate both academic and non academic processes. All in all, many reviews have been written by technology bloggers regarding its utility and this is the main reason why it stands out from other presentation software.

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