Castaway Assignment

By: Keyerra Tuck

A time when I was alone

One time I was home alone in my house and it was storming pretty bad and the power went out on me. It was going be a few hours before my mom got home so I was stuck bored. I was thinking and to pass the time I was talking to myself and I drew pictures. It passed time going into my own world and just drew away. It was a very lonely experience because you have no one to talk back to you when you are talking or you just have no one. Its lonely and I don't like it. I don't think anyone should enjoy being alone because its honestly very lonely and saddening because when you are alone you have time to actually think about everything and if there is something sad happening in your life it could make you sad to think about it alone.

Chuck's Life 5 Years Later

Its been 5 years since the return of Chuck and he has settled down and is happily moved on from Kelly, he now has two kids one girl and one boy; Sarah and Thomas. He returned the package back to the owner and that girl happened to pass him when he left and they talked for about 5 minutes and he was thinking "Wow that girl is really beautiful." When she drove off he ended up turning around and going after her because he didn't want to loose that chance. He found out what was in the box, it was a lighter and a box of chocolates. He's very happy he even became a school teacher and his wife is the principle. They lived happily ever after.