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Week of January 11-15

Social Studies Finish UP

With your 8 o'clock partner, finish the following things:

1. The quiz about the Bill of Rights. This can be found in your Blackboard content under Bill of Rights. (scroll to the bottom and click on the quiz) Be sure to screenshot your score.

2. Complete the Revolutionary, Loyalist, Neutral activity. Be sure your name is on it and turn it in to the Red Bin.

3. Complete the Bill of Rights for children under 11. Be sure that your name is on it and put in in the Red Bin.

Math Review Fun!

1. Complete the Geometry Zombie activity.

2. Do the Multiplication Word Problems practice.

3. Do the Division Word Problems practice.

Reading Activities!

1. Practice your words on Quizlet (20 minutes)

2. Read Harriet Tubman story on Raz-Kids and take the quiz. I have assigned this to you. Listen to it first and then read it yourself. Screenshot your score. Answer questions carefully. It is for a grade!

3. Create a Google Slides presentation about your Goals for 2016. Create at least 3 slides with one goal on each slide. Be sure to include an illustration that represents your goal. Share it with me at

4. Do your iReady Reading Diagnostic test. You CAN'T do this until Wed.

Social Studies

Work on the Underground Railroad Webquest with your 11 o'clock partner. You will create a slide for each task in Google Slides. When you have completed ALL tasks, you will share it with me at