Criminal Justice Attorney

What It Is

A criminal justice lawyer is someone that has been trained to work in the criminal defense. They have the responsibility to represent the defendant in a court case.

Education Requirements

The education that is required is that you need to have completed a bachelor's degree program and a Juris Doctorate degree program. It is recommended to take classes such as history, political science, public policy, writing and communications. These will develop rhetorical and research skills and legal knowledge. You will also need to pass a state bar exam.


Approximately, the amount of money earned in a year was $114,300 for criminal justice lawyers. However, if you are hired by different industries, you will make money from a range of $83,600 to $138,140.

Skills Requried

Some big parts of this job is having the ability to speak out in front of a number of people, both loudly, and clearly. You have to defend the defendant in order for you to be doing the right thing. Also, you need to be knowledgeable about how to speak to others so you don't say anything wrong.