Niels Bohr

1922's Physics Nobel prize winner

Bohr's Begining

October 7th, 1885, is the day that the world of physics began to change. On this day, Danish physicist and Nobel prize winner, Niels Henrich David Bohr, was born in the great city of Copenhagen, Denmark. He discovered his interest in physics at a very young age, and his parents, as extremely well educated people, must have been very proud.
The Bohr Atom
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His love

in 1910, he met Margrethe Norlund, the woman who soon became the love of his life. They were engaged that same year, and after 2 long years of waiting, they finally decided to make it official. They were married on August 1st, 1912 in a civil ceremony at the town hall in Slagelse.
The Niels Bohr Rap