Specializing in Wedding Photography


For a Wedding Photographer in Georgia, the yearly average $203,000, according to data from July of 2012 (Refers primarily to independently owned and managed wedding photographers). Under a contract, it averages to $50 an hour.


Who you are:

  • Talented!
  • A people person! You can talk to people happily and easily
  • Professional - you enjoy doing your job well
  • Easy to reach via email and phone
  • Passionate about your craft and creating amazing things for clients
  • Technology-Friendly
What You'll Do:

  • Join our national community of wedding photographers
  • Book weddings on a freelance basis
  • Have an entire support team dedicated to your success
  • Provide excellent wedding photography services on our couples' special day!

Compensation: Up to $50/hr, overtime, gratuities, and travel compensation for distances that qualify.


Required: Photography for at least 3 years

Required License or Certification: Driver's License

Great Way to Work and Interact with the Community!!