What's Happening in America:

1850 Events By Kelly Gunnigle and Hailey Newman

The Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 consisted of multiple resolutions in other words a series of five laws:

The Fugitive Slave Act, a series of laws that allows runaway slaves to be captured and returned, is amended.

Slave Trade in Washington D.C. becomes abolished.

California enters the Union as the new 31st slavery free State.

Territorial Government is created in Utah.

The Texas Boundary is passed settling the boundary disputes between Texas and New Mexico.

Land for Transcontinental Railroad (Gadsden Purchase 1853)!?

The United States and Mexico came upon an agreement known as the Gadsden Purchase, in which The United States agrees to pay Mexico about $10 million dollars for a 29,670 square mile portion of their land. This land will be used for a southern transcontinental railroad.
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What is the New York Times?

The New york Times, which is an american daily newspaper, gets founded on September 18, 1851. It is published in New York City, by the New York Times Company. These founders of this newspaper company are Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones. On the first printing of this newspaper they state, “We publish today the first issue of the New-York Daily Times, and we intend to issue it every morning (Sundays excepted) for an indefinite number of years to come.”

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California has Gold?

January 24 1848, while constructing a sawmill, John W. Marshall discovered what appears to be a golden nugget. Thousands of immigrants from all over, are already making way to California, in hopes of finding gold. These gold prospectors are now being called the “49ers.” California`s population is increasing rapidly, and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. History is being made and this event just got named as“The Great California Gold Rush.”

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The Republican Party 1854

A new thing called the Republican Party just got founded by the anti-slavery expansion activists. This is prior to the Democratic Party breaking away from the Democratic-Republican Party and the National Republicans.

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Father of Steel Industry (1856)

Henry Bessemer is studying the spectacular but brief display accomplished when air is blown across a mass of molten iron. As he examines the hardened product of his experiments, he realizes he has created a new form of steel using the cheapest commodity around: oxygen. This has boosted the economy. He is now known as the father of the steel industry.
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