EAT Semester Exam

Karla Elizondo


Teaching : tutoring with the students everyday during free time.

Recreation : Christmas party.

Appreciation Of Teacher: Christmas gift.

Fundraising : nothing.

Leadership : nothing.

Education Awareness : nothing

Service Projects : nothing.

My plans for this upcoming semester include me being more involve in my classroom by attending outside of school activities and organizations.

This would increase my possibilities of becoming a certified teacher in the future.

My Future as a Teacher

To prepare myself as a teacher I've helped my mentor with lesson plans, I've also helped her grade papers that has allowed me to get a better view at each student.

The colleges I've considered are Texas Woman's University and UTA. These universities offer a good plan with good tuition costs.

My dream college is Baylor University, I've visited that university every year for the past 5 years for a church event. They have an amazing campus and allow their students to have a lot of freedom.