Ms. MacDougall's Fridge Facts

May 2-6th


Skill of the week: Contractions

High Frequency Words (cannot be sounded out): here, don't, from

This week we focused on contractions and how to read and write them. We said that a contraction is two words that smush together to make one word. Also a letter or letters are kicked out and an apostrophe is added in. Some examples of contractions are don't, can't, and won't. The class also discussed how to read like a star. We practiced scooping up our words, changing our voices when a character talks, and sounding out words slowly.

Writer's Workshop:

The writers are continuing to work on their realistic fiction stories. Our focus this week was to show the reader and not tell the reader. To practice this concept as a class we had the sentences "Joe had a new bike. The bike was fancy." Our challenge was to show how the bike was fancy and not tell the reader. We used words like sparkly, beautiful, streamers, and the color of gold to describe the bike. The writers also worked on adding chapters in their story. We used our mentor text Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat to show books have a beginning, middle, and ending. Each part of the book has a new chapter with an interesting chapter name.


We started a new unit in math this week. It is focused on number operations in base 10. We learned about finding patterns in a one hundreds chart by looking at the tens and ones place. We looked at finding patterns vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. The mathematicians learned the new games called the number grid puzzles and five in a row subtraction.

Other News.....

The whole first grade has been practicing our American Symbols performance. We have been practicing what the performance should look like and sound like as well as how loud our singing voices need to be.

We also have some exciting news. Our pill bugs, snails, guppies, and bess beetles have come in! Over the next few weeks we will be making observations in our science notebooks, discuss what living things need, and figure out what an organism is. As a class we named the six bess beetles. Their names are Bob, Billy, Mr. Mustache Man, Cynthia, Biggy, and Super Hero.

Big Backyard Walk

Monday, May 16th, 2:15pm

55 Adams Street

Lexington, MA

Acton Discovery Musuem

Friday, May 20th, 10:30pm

177 Main Street

Acton, MA