Battle Of The Atlantic

By Sterling Swopes

Battle of the Atlantic

The battle of the Atlantic started in 1939 to 1945 to defeat Germany. This battle had U-boats and other types of machines like the aircraft airships. The United States was really helping the kingdom with importing special types of goods. In 1942 the Germans seen that they were running low on fuel and equipment in the British section.

The Battle of The Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, Sep. 5th 1939 at 9pm

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This battle started in 1939 and ended in 1945 this was the longest military war in the ocean. In this war they had all types of ships that was in the area of Atlantic ocean 875 ships total were sunk. That also means that a'lot of people died, a'lot of family's scared and worried. some family's never saw there dad,uncle,brother,ect again.

The Starting Point

The Starting point people were lost and not ready and unexpected to see where other ships were. It wasn't until someone on the radar pops up and they no what time it is immediately no what is about to happen so the navy get ready for the impact. The ships that were sunk did not discourage people from still fighting in the war. It made Americans fight harder which made Germany lose the War.

Battle Of The Boats

In 1941 the Japanese attacks Pearl Harbor . This event shifted the way that Americans were going to do things . In 1942 Almost 500 ships were sinked, People had no mercy in this war It was straight violence which ended in the worse way but thing had to be done.