October Newsletter

Fulham School

October at Fulham

September was a busy month. Students are in the new routine of sanitizing and washing hands and all the other COVID rules. The weather has been very nice this past month, I hope it continues into October. Having said that, the mornings are starting to be a bit chilly, and while the students are waiting outside for the bell to ring, their hands are starting to get cold. If you could send a thin pair of mitts to school for your child to wear in the morning, I am sure he/she would appreciate it. We will continue to have Fire Drills and other safety drills this month. We are required to have three fire drills in the fall and three fire drills in the spring. We have a few activities planned for the month such as school pictures, Halloween activities and another dress up day.

Parent Teacher Interviews

We will be having Parent-Teacher Interviews on October 14th and 15th. This year our interviews will be available in three methods: in person, virtual or by telephone. We ask that you book an appointment for all interviews. We will send out information on how to do this soon. If you need help booking an appointment, please call the school and Mrs. Donnelly will help you.


Halloween activities will be a little different this year. Most of the activities will be done in the classroom. The Grade 5/6 class will do a haunted house in the gym that the students can go through. All activities will meet COVID cleaning protocols and social distancing. We will send out more information about this in the next few weeks.

Parent Council

Our Parent School Council is in full swing. Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 7th at 10:00am. If you are still interested in helping out, please let Miss Marshall know. We are looking for someone to fill the spot of vice president. If you are interested in coming to the meeting, let Miss Marshall know and you will receive a link to the meeting as it is a virtual meeting.

Guided Reading

We have started Guided Reading everyday from 11:00 -11:30. This is when students are placed in ability level groups, read the same book and discuss comprehension questions about the book. Each group has an adult monitoring their reading and understanding. Teachers have done Guided Reading before, but we are doing this as a whole school this year in order to continue to improve our strategies so students will continue to improve their learning.

Safety Drills

As part of being a Safe and Caring school, we will be practicing different safety drills along with our fire drills. We do practice lockdowns, hold and secure, shelter-in-place, drop-cover -hold and other safety drills. We will do one or two drills a month.

Breakfast Snacks at School

We will once again be able to provide a small snack for students once they are at school in the morning. Our Nutrition Grant money from the government allows us to purchase individually packaged food for the students to eat once they get to school. We have had a variety of options for the students to pick from. This program will continue all year.

Parent Meeting Monday, Oct 5

GYPSD will be holding an important meeting for all families residing in the

Fulham, Carrot Creek and Niton Central Schools on Monday, October 5, 2020, at 6


The meeting is virtual - to participate in the meeting please use the link that was emailed to you by noon on October 5, 2020.

Beginning of the Year Testing

At the beginning of each school year, the students write some screening tests so we know where they are at in their learning. The Kindergarten students will be doing the EYE (Early Years Evaluation). Grade 1 students will be doing the Reading Readiness Assessment. Students in Grades 2- 6 will be completing The 3R's screen (reading comprehension), Mathletics (math screen), HLATS (writing) and we also do the a reading level check with all students. When you have your Parent Teacher Interview with your child's teacher, ask how they did on the screen. Please remember, that these screens help teachers plan for the upcoming school year and see if there are any areas that need reteaching or areas that students are strong in. If you have any questions about these, please ask.

October Important Dates

Friday, Oct 2 - Assembly at 10:00 am

Monday, Oct 5 - GYPSD Virtual Parent Meeting at 6:00pm

Wednesday, Oct 7 - Virtual Parent Council Meeting at 10:00 am

Thursday, Oct 8 - Plan to do a Fire Drill (depending on weather)

Monday, Oct 12 - Thanksgiving - no school

Tuesday, Oct 13 - School Pictures

Wednesday, Oct 14 - Parent Teacher Interviews

Thursday, Oct 15 - Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday, Oct 20 - Plan to do a Fire Drill (depending on weather)

Friday, Oct 23 - No School - PD Day for all staff

Tuesday, Oct 27 - Wacky Sock Dress Up Day

Friday, Oct 30 - Halloween Activities