The Royal Proclamation of 1763

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The proclamation allows people to own land without buying it which is only the soldiers

and that the cant own or purchase any of the indians land.

About land

Who ever was in the war got lots of land and it was 5,000-50 acres of land and they all put slaves to do all the work the people paid the soldiers with land because if you had a lot of land you were considered rich.

What the land could effect

The land could affect the indians and could attack but then you get arrested and the government would take your land or the indians would claim it and or you could get punished with treason.

No purchase of indian land

You could not purchase any of the Indian land because you would get arrested or punished with treason and or the government would take your land.


The economic system of Virginia is that if you were rich that you owned land and would be in the house of Burgess and they made all the laws and they could punish you forever.

The impact of the royal proclamation

The impact on it is that the soldier get land and don't mess with the Indians and everyone is happy and so is the government.


That is the impact of the Royal Proclamation and what it caused and who got land and so forth an so on.