Ancient UFOS

Ashley Miznazi and Mandy Bartley


UFOS, otherwise known as unidentified foreign objects, were known perhaps as flying saucers. UFOS have been reported in different parts of the world throughout history. They raised questions on life on other planets and extraterrestrials that could possibly be visiting Earth.

UFO sightings have been officially recorded in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Australia and the United Kingdom. (1)

During the Renaissance there were many artisans who depicted UFOS in their work. All throughout the Middle Ages there are what looks like UFOS. There were contradictions to if the paintings symbolized UFOS or just the sun and moon.

The Middle Ages and renaissance periods of Western civilization created some of the most iconic and defining works in recorded history. The question was if the paintings contained something otherworldly, like flying saucers and other UFOS. Many of the paintings were religious in nature. In many of the paintings flying saucers, UFOS, laser beams, and men in air craft were drawn over religious scenes. (2)
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What is so mysterious about UFOS

UFOS were a phenomenon to mankind. They have caused inspiration to mass suicide. On average there are 70,000 UFO sightings in just one year. That ancient hyrogliphics in Egypt and documents in Europe depicted mysterious shapes thought to be illegid sky people they visited frequently. The stone henge in Eastern Island is a mystery to all who behold it. This was because no one knows how's the stones got there. There are speculations that these stones could be extraterrestrial people. Crop circles are mysterious shapes formed in cornfields that no one can explain. They are said to be created by ancient ufos and aliens. (3)One of the most iconic and referenced examples is “The Madonna With Saint Giovannino,” painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio in the 15th century it is currently hanging in the Palazzo Vecchio Museum in Florence, Italy. The painting is a depiction of Saint Mary and baby Jesus, but in the distant background a man looks to the twilit-like sky with his companion, a dog. Both seem to be staring at an object in the sky that looks remarkably like a modern depiction of a flying saucer emanating golden radiant energy.
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Theories and explanations

There are many theories trying to explain the UFO sightings. Some

theories are understandable, while others are just insane. Some people

think Alien satalights hover over Earth. The theory states that a

13,000-year-old satellite called the Black Knight is orbiting our

planet. If this satellite really does exist, then why is it there and

not somewhere else in space? But the Black Knight satellite is

actually a space probe that contains a map to a faraway alien planet.

Although skeptics have sought to debunk the alien satellite as nothing

more than space junk or debris, believers have continued to insist

otherwise. Others think the US Government secretly sent astronauts to

a faraway planet. The the idea began after the US government

supposedly saved the life of an alien whose spacecraft crashed in

Roswell. In return, the grateful alien established an exchange program

with the government and made arrangements for two spaceships to pick

it up along with a dozen specially trained astronauts. After 37

light-years, the astronauts finally reached the planet and spent more

than a decade learning about the planet the aliens were known as

Ebens. After 13 years, the team finally returned to Earth four members

short after two of them died and another two chose to stay on the


It is funny to think that some people think Jesus was an alien! As the

theory goes, all the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ life hinted at

extraterrestrial origins. His “virgin birth,” for instance, could be

attributed to aliens artificially inseminating Mary, which in turn

would explain why he could perform miraculous feats as well as

communicate with otherworldly beings such as angels (who themselves

were actually aliens). Believers also point to Jesus’ statements that

he was “not of this world” as hints of his real heritage. The theory

goes on to say that after his resurrection, Jesus was beamed up into a

spaceship and that the Catholic Church later suppressed the rest of

the details by marking books such as the Epistles of the Apostles as

apocryphal. One of the craziest theories is that the US Battled UFOs

In Antarctica And Lost. Though I could not find info on that theory, I

just thought it was really funny.

The CIA Killed JFK To Prevent Him From Of all the crazy conspiracy

theories surrounding JFK’s death, this one takes the cake. According

to this theory, Kennedy—who reportedly experienced a UFO sighting

himself sometime in 1963—demanded just 10 days before his

assassination that the CIA give him full disclosure in their

investigations on these “unidentified flying objects” and then share

all the information with NASA. Apparently there was a document known

as the “burned memo.” Allegedly revealed by someone identifying

himself as ex-CIA, the partially burned paper—which contains the

alleged CIA instructions to assassinate Kennedy for sticking his nose

where it didn’t belong—has helped to encourage the view that the CIA

never wanted JFK to know the truth. Of course, it’s highly likely that

the burned memo is a fake, making this one of the craziest theories


-Last but not least, time travelers from the Future: Our descendants

from the future return to study the true destiny of humankind by using

the past - our present - as a kind of living museum. They cannot

openly declare themselves for fear of up-setting the linear flow of

history and thus altering the future - their present.

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