cold war

Michael Norwood


THIS EVENT was when they put a big iron wall so nobody from europe could get in or out.russia is keeping them away.Its dangerous beacause there not getting no food or anything that as to do with trade.


Was a race to see who made the better weapons.And my cartoon is showing you how it kinda was like or how it would look like.I think it was dangeruos because if one of them got mad at one other they could of started a big war that would of killed alot of people.

Cuban Missle Crisis

This was when cuba was facing missles towards the U.S.A so we faced a missle towards them.the cartoon is showing them going head up with eachother and it looks like who ever loses there going to press the button and if they don that evryone dies..

Domino Theory

This something when if one country falls they all do.My cartoon is showing the countrys falling and theres a guy trying to hold it up.

2 Superpowers are

This was a war between the United State and the Sovit Union.And my cartoon is showing both leaders going head up with eachother.