The Internet of Things

Impact on Work, Employment and Vocation


The Internet of Things is a proposed development that allows everyday objects to have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. The plan is to be able to get all objects connected together sending and receiving data. Many objects could be apart of this like a toaster, a lamp, a refrigerator, or pretty much anything with an on and off switch. It would be able to connect to machines like a car engine or the drill of an oil rig. One problem with the Internet of Things is how are people going to keep their information safe with billions of device connected together. The applications of this concept are almost infinite and would large impact everybody's lives, but it would have an especially large impact on the workplace. The workplace uses many devices so IoT would make the place more productive by sharing information and keeping the workplace more connected.

Current News


Microsoft has been using IoT mainly to help out other companies because as of right now, their company doesn't have a use for it, but they have been able to help many companies improve themselves. They have found ways to help out an elevator company, an oil company, and many more.
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As of right now, few companies have been trying to incorporate the Internet of Things into their businesses, but of those, many have been successful. One example of a successful company is ThyssenKrupp. ThyssenKrupp is an elevator company that has used IoT to become more reliable because they can now more easily prevent breakdowns. Since they are an elevator company and don't know much about IoT, they teamed up with Microsoft to help. They are able to prevent breakdowns by connecting the systems in the elevator to a cloud based system, that gives them a real time view of key performance indicators such as the ware on the cables. Also with the use of IoT their elevators will be able to anticipate which repairs they need. Now, because they are able to do maintenance before a breakdown, they are saving money for themselves and their customers.
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Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has transformed the way they do business by harnessing the Internet of Things. All the data generated by their many rigs and pipelines is sent to the cloud and if their are any issues they are able to alert their customers of any issues or delays in real time. At gas stations they are able to continually monitor the inventory and the pumping system. All of this will help employees and customers save money and make their lives easier.
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Topic Impact

Impact Today

The impact of the Internet of Things right now is limited to a rather small amount of people, but in the future, it could possibly be world changing. IoT could potentially connect the entire world, something that has not been done before. The way we communicate will change because IoT will enable M2M communitcation. M2M stands for machine to machine which means that devices will communicate with other devices without us telling the device to do so. M2M will impact our lives because if something isn't working right we will know before it stops working because it will send a message to us. As of right now, we have only seen a few examples of M2M, but the Internet of Things will have the most impact in the future.

Impact in the Future

IoT could possibly have and even larger impact in the future the the internet did not so long ago. They are projecting in 2020 that there will be 50 billion connected devices, that is about seven times the amount of people living today. The workplace will connected not only with people in your office but around the world. The way people conduct meetings will be different because it will be so much easier to be at the meeting without actually physically being there. If you are on a work trip, your device will tell you that you are hungry and would suggest a nice sandwich shop, or after you leave the building, a device would lock the doors for you. The everyday workplace would change for the better and make employees lives less stressful.
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