World Religions

By Sushma Penupala


Gods: Polytheistic

Hinduism is polytheistic and there are many, many different gods they worship. Some of their main ones are Brahma, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu. Their holy book is called Veda(in Hindi). Exactly how many Hinduism holidays are celebrated is not known, but the some of the main ones are Diwali, Holi, and Mahashivaratri. Their highly practiced rituals are doing Puja and going to temples.

Explanation of the Hindu Gods


Buddhism is an apatheistic religion, which means they do not believe in a God or they don't care. Their holy book is called Tipitaka. They also have holidays, such as Vesak, Magha Puja, Buddhist New Year, and Kathina Ceremony. Some of their highly practiced rituals are Meditation, Mantras, and Prayer Wheels.

What Is Buddhism?


Judaism is monotheistic and their God is called Jesus just like Christianity. Their holy book is called Tanakh. Some of their holidays are Hanukkah, Sabbath, and Yom Kippur. Some of Their highly practiced rituals are going to the synagogue, praying and worshipping their god, and keeping kosher(the Jewish dietary laws).
Facts about Judaism


Christianity is monotheistic, they only believe in one God called Jesus. They have a holy book called the Bible. Christianity has several different holidays, but the major holidays are Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, and Thanksgiving. Their highly practiced rituals are going to the church on Sundays, singing, praying to their god, reading the bible, and listening to sermons.

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What is Christianity?


Islam religion is monotheistic and their god is called Allah. Their holy book is called the Quran. Some of their major holidays are Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, and Eid ul adha. Their highly practice rituals are fasting during Ramadan, praying 5 different times a day, and give charity to the poor.

Islam : Simple Explanation