Freak the mighty

Dawson simkins 1-2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Max and Freak are really good friends. Max is tall and Freak is short. They are always together. And they are always outside and it started outside. They are really good friends. And they met in kindergarten. And then Freak moved away and then he moved back in 8th grade. And then they started to know each other. Because when Freak is in the hospital Max doesn't want to leave him there. And when Freak dies max wants to see him and he didn't want him to die.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think it was developed good because they became friends right away. And by having freak have a disease. And him going to the hospital just to die there. And while Freak is in the hospital Max doesn't want to leave him alone. And Max wants to be by him. The theme relates to my life because we all need best friends. And we need good friends to help us. And that are going to do good things.


Max and Freak met in kindergarten. Then Freak moved away and they didn't see each other until 8th grade. Then Max started to hangout with Freak. Then they started to go on Quests with Freak on Max's shoulders. And then they wanted to be called Freak the Mighty. So when Christmas came his dad got out of jail on parole. And then he kidnaps Max. So Max tells his dad that he saw him kill his mom. And then his dad gets sent back to jail because he kidnapped max.