Inherit The Wind

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Information on the Authors

Robert E. Lee was born on October 15, 1918. Jerome Lawrence was born on July 14, 1915. The two met in 1942 and have produced many plays. They have been nominated for multiple Tony Awards. Jerome Lawrence is now a professor at USC. Robert E. Lee died in 1994.


Bert Cates was arrested for teaching evolution to his sophomore class. His girlfriend, Rachel Brown is torn between what her father believes, and what her boyfriend believes. Her father is a religious leader and he condemns Rachel and Bert. Cates was later found guilty and fined $100. But the moral victory went to Bert for his freedom of thought.


Scopes Monkey Trial

A famous trial in 1925 when John Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution to children. He was convicted, but the conviction was later reversed.