13 Hangmen

By: Art Corriveau

About the Auther

Art Corriveau was born in Barre, Vermont. He spent his summers on Lake Champlain. Art worked on a Vermont dairy farm when he was a teenager. Art received his MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Michigan. Art lived and worked in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. He currently works in Zurich, Switzerland. His most famous book he wrote is 13 Hangmen, and How I, Nick Flynn, Finally Get a Life (and a Dog). 13 Hangmen won the 2013 Edgar Award.

Picture of Author

Art Corriveau

Book Reviews

"I love Art Corriveau's fascination with American history and his ability to bring it to life in 13 Hangmen. He's able to show readers that, while the world may change over the course of 230 years, a good mystery can always inquisitive tennagers together."

- Amy Ignatow, author of The Popularity Papers

Tony's new life in Boston is about to get mysterious then he thought! Read 13 Hangmen to find out whats going on with Tony's new and mysterious life.


Its the early summer of 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today is Tony's 13th birthday. He got a mysterious package from his uncle Zio from Boston. When Tony opened the package it was a Boston Red Sox baseball cap. When his parents got home they told him that there uncle Zio died and the house he lived in is now theres in Boston. When Tony moved to Boston the house was a dump. The worse thing that Tony hated that his bedroom was in a dark, creepy attic upstairs. When Tony went in his room he saw a pawnacore on his bed. When he threw his new hat on the pawnacore he heard a voice. When he turned around he saw a boy with a Boston Red Sox uniform on. Tony was shocked. Who is this boy and whats going on in this house. What a strange birthday Tony will have.

Cast Members of 13 Hangmen (If there was a movie)