The Importance of Reading

Book of the Week: Song and Dance Man

Introducing the Book of the Week

This week, we will be reading a book entitled "Song and Dance Man". It is written by the author Karen Ackerman and it has received The Caldecott Medal. This book introduces new vocabulary but, at the same time, it is extremely fun to read when it is read with emotion. The book is about a brother and sister who are visiting with their grandparents, and while doing so, they help their grandpa reminisce about his experiences in the old days. Their grandpa used to be a song and dance man who danced on the vaudeville stage. Grandpa takes the children upstairs to the attic where they rummage through his belongings to find pieces of clothing that he wore when he danced. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to their grandpa talk about his memories of when he performed. He even put on a performance for his grandchildren and they were surprised that he could still dance as well as he could. The children began dancing with him and they had the most wonderful time creating new dancing memories with their grandpa!

Tips for Helping Your Children Read

Parents: Reading is extremely important when helping your children learn new vocabulary and practice their level of fluency. It is easy to make reading both fun and entertaining. The key is to help your children find books that pique their interests and books that are exciting. Something else you could do while reading at home with your children is make sure they are emphasizing the emotions within the book by doing things such as changing the tone of their voices to go along with the sentences being read. It is recommended that you at least read 20 minutes a night. This will ensure that your children are on their way to successful and bright futures!