Apple DNA!

Difference between Apple and Pea DNA.

What does the pea DNA look like???

The pea DNA is very easy to see using this technique. It comes up as little white strings when you add the alcohol. You can easily see the separation of the pea mixture and the alcohol added.
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What does apple DNA look like???

The apple DNA is hard to see. It is close to clear so that means it isn't showing as much DNA or the DNA is just small. There isn't a very distinguished separation between the mixture and the alcohol.
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Side by side comparison!

As you can see from these pictures, the pea's DNA shows up a lot thicker than the apples. With the pea, it was very easy to take out strings of DNA. Not so much with the apple, though. Also, you could see separation with the pea easier than you can see the separation with the apple. We found that apples have 34 chromosomes and that peas only have 14 chromosomes, so this might have something to do with this difference.
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We found that Apples even though they have more chromosomes (34) showed less DNA that peas which only have (14) chromosomes. Our hypothesis was that the apple would have more DNA so our prediction was wrong. We think this is because the peas were dried and the apple wasn't. Because of this the apple DNA was more watered down than the pea DNA. There a lot of possible errors such as amount of organism, measuring water, and contamination. Ways to reduce error would be to dry the apple and crush the apple so the amount of organism would be more accurate. Future investigations could be testing apple DNA against other organisms.