Child Vaccinations

by Liam Morley

Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory?

Well, with no vaccines people can get seriously ill due to no vaccines in their body before, they will have no way to fight it off. Many people have died from measles, which is caused by not getting any vaccines that they recommend you to do. In 1963, 500,000 people were diagnosed with measles, and 432 died. People don't think vaccines are mandatory because of all the technology that has been developed today. Vaccines, I believe, should be mandatory because of these reasons.

What Happens If You Don't Vaccinate?

If you choose not to get vaccinations, bad things can happen to you and or other people. You may catch measles, or whooping cough, or something else. With that disease you can spread it around to many other people by simply just walking around in the plaza, or in the halls of your school. They say that people just don't vaccinate because they think they're children are never going to get sick in their life. Without vaccinations, your child may not even be the one who produced it, he may just catch it from playing on the playground. Vaccinations can actually save children by getting them. That is just some of the causes by not getting one simple vaccination.

Vaccination Statistics

Can Not Getting Vaccinations Be Good Too?

Vaccines can be good also because Paul A. Offit states, "Vaccine is 100% effective even though they took, they are still at risk." They also help fight outbreaks by infecting you with them, just a little bit, so your body can fight it off when it might actually get you, but it may not work because it could wear off. If it does get to you, you won't even notice because you're body will at work fighting it off for you. Marc Siegel also says that 10% of vaccinations wear off, which is a lot of people. Overall, vaccinations should be mandatory to help save more than yourself.