What's The Big Picture?

Is there a award for joining the army and putting your life on the line? Yes there is but is that award really full representation of what they go through? No its not so how do we or would we ever pay them back because you cant give them there time back or body parts if one was injured. The one thing that Americans can be proud of is we take care of our warriors, the en that go out and lay everything on the line. The people of our country even those that aren't soldiers worry about how to support them for what they deserve unlimited pay back for. The military views this as big deal that there soldiers are talking care of during and after a soldier is involved. It makes it a little easier to push that issue when you have the most powerful military. So you see that if we have the most powerful military we have to keep the soldiers upbeat and taken care of to the best abilities allowed even in the most harsh circumstances. So us as united country that we are people have personally started support programs along with the government support programs for our soldiers in and out of the military. Here a some of those support programs right here!
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The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation

This foundation is one the represents and is named after a fallen NY firefighter that died in a rescue effort during the attack on 9/11. To support the wounded soldiers this foundation set up a run called the New York City Tunnel to The Towers Run. This run is very meaningful and why not have those that fought and put there lives on the line on such a journey(run). It makes the run even more special to have the wounded soldiers run it because the run retraces the steps the Siller the firefighter took to get to the towers which he had to run through traffic with 55 pounds of equipment and later died in the effort to rescue people from the burning towers. There is a big connection here because people just like Siller represents those in the military that put their life on the line. So this one stuck out to me a lot. (¨Marines, Soldiers, Wounded Warriors, Run in New York City Tunnel to Towers Run, Sept. 30.")
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US0(United Service Organizations)

USO is a non government ran organization that services world wide for soldiers located in different locations. This one of the biggest support organizations there are, supporting solders in many different ways. They help soldiers transfer back to regular civilization allowing them and helping them to get their mind right. USO helps keep families connect while someone may be departed. Its helps the wounded soldiers as well with funding money and actual hospitals for soldiers. These things are the biggest things that they do to help support and show respect to our soldiers but these are only a few of many other things the organization does to give back. (¨Programs.")
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Soldier's Angels

Soldiers Angels is much like USO and is another big support organization for wounded, deployed or even retired soldiers and even their families. You can help this organization support soldiers by donating electronic goods, money or clothing material.

Soldiers Angels has helped a total of 734,844 service members and sent 780,000 care packages. The organization itself as little programs in it self to help support. Ones like: Laptops for military kids, mobile food pantry for veterans, and help us keep our veterans warm this winter. ("Be an Angel, Help a Soldier.")

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