S.T.E.M Career

Seth's S.T.E.M career


A Nuclear Physicist is someone who pays attention to the small things, cells, organelles, even protons and electrons. Nuclear Physicists run tests on all sort of things that matter the most to our modern day, and life before our ancestors.

Colleges that will allow me to have this career

  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Texas A&M University - College Station
  • University of Minnesota - Duluth

Perks of this job

  • (Job Outlook) The average growth rate for all occupations is 11 percent.
  • (Job Outlook) 2012 median hourly wage was about $26.27, but 2020 median hourly wage will be about $36.14.
  • Level of education needed is a doctoral or professional degree.

Some of our top Physicyist