Organic Chemistry

By: Jacqueline Miranda


NEEDED- At least a Bachelor's Degree, though required is a graduate degree.

To become a chemist you need to have taken physical science, inorganic and organic chemistry, biology, math, and physics, and also computer science.


Median Salary- $70,000

Raises- $62,000 - $1008,000

Retirement- 65 Years olds

Benefits- Able to bring home a total of $117,000 yearly

Annual Salary- $51,000 - $93,000


Most organic chemist work in laboratories. Some organic chemist work on computers with modeling and stimulation software. Most chemists work in companies that demand and produce pharmaceuticals.


Positive- Organic chemist are able to make products that will help the environment.

Possible to work in a variety of industries.

Opportunities to work with other scientist from other disciplines.

Negative-Advanced degrees needed for better job prospects.

Possible exposure to chemicals or hazardous substances.

Challenging educational requirements.