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Why you might ask? Well, its has 27 moons! Do Earth days drag on, Uranus only has 17 house days! Not enough time in a year? Uranus has an 84 year revolution. It has a surface gravity of 8.69 m/s. It its the 7th from the sun, nice and cold! And it neighbors Saturn and Neptune! It also has 13 rings!
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Info- Come see why its a great deal!

Distance from sun- 2.877 billion km away

Atmosphere Composition- 83% hydrogen, 15% helium and 2% methane.

Surface Features- The surface of Uranus is almost non-existent. Its a gas/ice giant, so if you were to walk or land on it, you would go though the upper atmosphere of hydrogen and helium and go into the icy core.

Planet structure- Uranus structure is made up of its atmosphere, mantle and core. Its upper atmosphere is a cloud layer, the atmosphere is made up of helium, hydrogen and methane. Its mantle is made of water, ammonia and methane ices. Its core is made up of silicate rock.


Founded on March 13 1781 by William Herchel.

Name- Only planet named after a Greek god, all the other 7 planet's are named after Romans Gods.Uranus is god of the sky, according to the myth, Uranus is the father to Saturn and the Grandfather of Jupiter

Greek Name- Ouranos

The first 13 people get a ring and half a moon free!

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