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The RedSkins started in 1930's. In the 1950's and 1960's were the redskins dark age. That is when they lost all most every game they played. They won only 3 games in the dark age.
Finally in 1969 they broke there losing streak/dark ages. A couple years later they made it to the super bowel. They lost the first super bowl in 1972 but they went back a few years later.
In 1983 they won there first super bowl. They won another super bowl against Denver Broncos. There coach Mark Rypien got them to the super bowl 3 times and won in 1989-1991.
In Sept 11, 2011 they had the football court with a united states flag because of 9-11. In Feb 2,2013 there top rookie was Robert Griffin 3.
There fight song hail to the redskins.That is there song the use when going into a game.
There head coach in 2016 is Jay Gruden. He is the 29th head coach of the Redskins. There Roster is about 90 of them on the team. Right now they are in 20th place in league right now.

Head coach

Gruden is 46 years old he spent 3 seasons as an offensive coordinator for the Circinnati Bengals. He spent two years on Tampa Bay Buccaneers earning a super bowl championship ring. He coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is also in the ranks of outstanding players in the history of the Arena of Football League.

The RedSkins Stadium

The Redskins stadium is called The FedExField. The owner of the stadium is Daniel Synder. It was made by A.James Clark. The stadium can hold up to 79 thousand people.
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He was the one who made the stadium.
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This is the owner of the stadium.