Tech Tip Tuesday

23 September 2014


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Save Trees! Use the Print Friendly & PDF Google Chrome Extension.

This is one of my new favorite Google Chrome Extensions. With Print Friendly & PDF, you can print a long website in a much easier to read format in less pages. I took this article, that normally would be 11 printed pages, and was able to print it in 3 pages. (You can even remove images if you don't need them).

The website is full of ads, links to Facebook, and totally unrelated articles at the bottom.

Big image

Everything is deleted before printing except for the article, which is what I really wanted. I can even increase or decrease the font size if desired. If you notice below, I now have three options for this pared down website:

  1. Print
  2. PDF (that you could then save to your computer or upload to your drive to share with students like this)
  3. Email (and you can email it to yourself...but it does send the original website, not the less cluttered link)

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Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

I took some of the keyboard shortcuts I thought students (and teachers) would use the most and compiled them in one chart. Some you will know, and some are different or unique to Chromebooks. You are welcome to print off the cheat sheet below to post, share with students, or share on your website. Many of these shortcuts aren't Chromebook specific, so they work on any computer!

Banned Books Week

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Libraries all across the country are celebrating Banned Books Week September 21-27. See the post below for more info, and stop by the library each day that week to test your book knowledge and get a little treat for trying!