Riga, Latvia



place- What is it like in Riga,Latvia?

Riga has brick streets, Riga also has many churches because of when Latvia was in communism. Also Riga was once voted the number one beautiful place on Earth one year!

Location- Where is Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia so therefore Riga is in Latvia, Latvia is by the Baltic sea, or if you don't know where the Baltic sea is Latvia is right under Finland.

Human Environment interaction- How people in Riga interact with the Environment.

In Riga,Latvian people where big winter coats and warm jeans in the winter etc., In the summer Latvians where T-shirts and shorts etc.

Movement-Why might people move to Riga?

Well, people might move to Riga because one year it was voted the most beautiful town in the world. Or people might move to Riga because of Religious reasons, or a bad government or problems with government. People also might move to Riga because their house went for forecloser.

Region-How is Riga similar to the towns around it?

Well, Riga has brick roads and a lot of other cities have brick roads in Latvia as well.

The cities are also similar by their churches, and traditions.

Riga Video guide (Latvia)