America Is Not Acceptive

Throughout the years in America The superior race has been Whites. America has not been acceptive towards many races throughout the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50, 60,s and up until now there still races that aren't quite accepted. From African Americans aka the "Negros" to Chinese railroad workers, to even Italian men who were executed for just being the race they are. Due to America not being acceptive, other races weren't given equal opportunities to fulfill their goals in life. Yet this so called country "America: is suppose to be the place you come to be free and be accepted but that not how America treated the other races. How can we justify the killings of all these races from jews to African American. There were so many of them killed throughout the time in America that it is dumbfound

Historical Events

Visual Representation

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Thought Process

Throughout America many multiple races were treated way differently than American Whites. As i was putting together my thoughts about my project i decided to created a circle that had events or situation from 3 different races to symbolize how they were treated unequally. I used the ribbon behind the circle to represent that America did not accept these races which were, African Americans, Italians, and Chinese. From the chinese Migration act to slavery of African Americans, America did not want to allow these races to be just as equal as they were.


Christopher Greer


Period 5