Fellows Training Update

Important Dates, Upcoming Events, Important Information

Fellows Training Dates

Residential Fellows: August 21st-23rd
Campus Fellows: August 23rd
First Year Move In: August 24th

All Fellows are required to attend training and you are required to help with First Year Move in from 8am-12:30pm on Sunday August 24th.
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Remember your Contract...

We will be discussing expectations of the Fellows during training, however I simply want to remind you of a few of the key points regarding your contract.

1) You are a student first and you must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.5.
2) You must work 2-4 hours a week if you are a campus or Residential Sustainability Fellow
3) You must check and respond to your email consistently and in a timely fashion
4) Residential Fellows must attend all necessary staff meetings with the Resident Assistants and Head Residents (these dates will be determined and discussed during training)
5) Campus Sustainability Fellows will meet 2x per month and 1X per month with Green Team, Peas and other Green Organizations
6) Residential Fellows must hold at least 1 hour of office hours each week
7) Residential Fellows must meet 2X per month with their Head Resident for their individual supervisory meeting
8) All Campus Sustainability Fellows will be evaluated at mid point of the Fall Semester
9) All New Residential Fellows serve a 1 year appointment (Rob, Olivia, Daniel and Maria are "grandfathered in)
10) All Sustainability Fellows (with the exception of the coordinator) will receive their stipend in the Fall and Spring Semester ($250.00/semester).

News about the Fellows Room...

I have some sad news for the Sustainability Fellows regarding the Fellows room located on the fourth floor of Slayter. Although it was a great space and highly utilized over the last two years, we had to recycle the space to the Leadership Fellows. There are positive changes happening with CLIC and they needed more space for the increasing size of the CLIC professional staff.

With this said, we will be meeting in Shorney Hall Room 101. Yes. this room is MUCH smaller than our fourth floor space. However, it will be nice to be on the quad that has the majority of the first year students.

This is where Fellows will hold Office hours and where Sarah (the DSF Coordinator for 2014-2015) will hold individual meetings. There will be limited storage space, so we may have to find room in the Curtis West Service Center for storage needs.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about this space and/or how you hope to utilize the space in Shorney. Thanks!

What will First Year move in look like?

During Move in, you will be stationed at tables in the Residence Halls to promote the Program. At this time you will encourage people to sign up to apply to be a Fellow and you will also promote initiatives such as Campus Sustainability Day, I love Granville and Party with Consent.

The other shift during the 4.5 hour commitment is a bit more physical, as you will be helping to recycle material in the hall ways. You will not be alone in this task, the RAs will be helping you! Because we are still looking to hire Sustainability Fellows, Residential Fellows will not necessarily be working in the Hall Assigned to them...

Here is the shift Breakdown for Sunday August 24th:
8:00am-10:00am DSF Promotion Table
Daniel (Morrow Hall)
Sarah (Beta Hall)
Megan (Kappa Sigma)
Maria (Shorney Hall)
Nelson (Curtis East Hall)
Matthew Curtis West Hall)

10:00am-10:45am: Sweep the halls for recyclables-Remain in your Hall Assignments

10:45am: Water Break (This is hard work, take 15 minutes for water/snack)

11:00am-11:45am: Return to Promotion Tables

11:45am-12:30pm: Clean up tables, return items to Fellows Room and do a final sweep of the hall

12:30pm: LUNCH in Curtis West (check in with Molly prior to heading to lunch)

Team Leaders for Fall Initiatives

Additional Fall Initiatives...

The above initiatives are programs that have been previously established. I will also be looking for students to step up and lead the Recruitment and Selection effort for the new DSF members. If you are interested in being the team lead for this important project, email Molly prior to August 15th.

The other initiative will be the Fall Fellows Retreat. We need to devise a plan for the retreat that on boards the newly hired Fellows and engages the campus and residential fellows in reflection and action for the upcoming semester. If you are interested in being the Coordinator for the Fall Fellows Retreat email Molly prior to August 15th

Both positions require 2 Fellows.