A New Lonely World

By: Erica Cho

“Are you?” “I thought that in the Other Place. I mean, Linda always said that nobody was ever alone there." (Huxley 91)

John says this quote when he is conversing with Bernard about if or why they felt so alone. This is related to the dystopia in the book because the whole point of this society in the book is so they do not feel alone. It was created so everyone was content and happy with their social class and so that everyone would have a place to belong. They are conditioned to be sufficed with their place. I think this is also takes in the dystopia that we even live in. Everyone is dying to fit in and be alike. This is seen in high school on the daily. People are bullied if they seem to be different or if you are different, you are out-casted and even targeted. This is also seen all around the world with homosexuals being targeted or even people of certain religion or ethnicity.

Dystopian Paragraphs

In our world today, it is nothing like the society in the Brave New World, where we have strict social classes where everyone is designed a certain way in order to fit in his or her certain social class. It is nothing like The Hunger Games, where the government makes people fight til death in an arena. However, it is certainly not a utopia, an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. In fact, it is far from that. We face death and disease which is in some aspects inevitable but in other aspects it is at times caused by man himself. On the news, there are never ending stories about murders, failing countries that are starving their people, even just diseases that just can’t be cured, and let us not forget war. T

The Capitol, in the Hunger Games, sacrifices 23 teenagers from the Districts but look at our own capital in order to make a statement or even as a punishment to show what happens if you rebel against the Capitol. The Hunger Games had started due to a rebellion that District 13 had started and the Capitol did not want anything like that to occur again. Additionally, they hold the Hunger Games in order to display the power of the government. However, the Capitol sacrificing twenty-three teenagers is not close to the amount of people who are being sacrificed in war in our world today. In fact, we have a couple of wars going. Four thousand four hundred and eighty six young Americans have died in Iraq. A hundred and six thousand people from Iraq have died including the deaths of babies, children, grandparents, and young men because of the war as well if you wanted to count them as well. This would account for more than five thousand years of the Hunger Games.

However, this is not the only dystopian thing that occurs in our society. There was also the incident where a gay Iowa teen committed suicide after being targeted by others. The cruelty by teens in today’s society is one of the most dystopian things in America. Now that there is the use of social media, teens are constantly being bullied by other teens and taking it to new extremes. One in every 12 teenagers has attempted suicide and nearly one out of six students have considered suicide. Because of easy access communications among students, there is more pressure than ever. There is also more bullying. “"When adolescence and children feel embarrassed, it's kind of like the end of the world for them.” (“1 in 12 teens have attempted suicide: report”) The attempted suicide rate for high school students has risen from 6.3 percent to 7.8 percent in just the last three years. Public humiliation has led to deaths of teens


If you have eaten today, the chances are that you have eaten food that been genetically modified. Eighty percent of processed food in the US has been genetically modified in some kind of way. Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Although there is wide debate on whether GMO’s are safe or not, genetically modifying organisms should not be practiced and especially not sold.

Genetically modified organisms can cause long term health problems. Genetically modified organisms can cause new allergic reaction and are also worried that foods that have been made disease-resistant will stay in your system making antibiotics less or even ineffective. Because research on genetically modified organisms is difficult to prove because the effects would have to be long term, people do not know that what they eat are harming their bodies. There is also a connection to GMOs and Gluten disorders that have affected eighteen million Americans.

Toxins have been detected in maternal and fetal blood. The proteins that are found in GMOs which is also used as a pesticide in organic farming were detecting in the blood of pregnant women. Glyphosate which is a herbicide that is used in genetically modified crops has impacted the glyphosate on breast cancer cell growth. Increasing amount of glyphosate on cell growth can cause breast cancer. There is also a link from glyphosate to birth defects. Chronically III humans have higher glyphosate than healthy humans which means if fetuses were exposed to GMOs during pregnancy this could have had an impact on having a higher chance of being born with a birth defect. Research has also showed that when mice were fed genetically modified corn, they had become infertile.

Not only can genetically modified organisms harm humans, but also the environment. Genetically modified organisms can release toxins that threaten wildlife. Genetically modified organisms are grown for herbicide tolerance and as a result there has been an emergence of “super weeds” ad “super bugs”. These new “super weeds” and “super bugs” can only be killed with even more toxic poisons. This then contaminates farms making it a serious threat to the environment around them. Genetically modified crops also leave toxic residue in the soil. The “run off” of this soil can than carry all these problems into water sources and even into the atmosphere.

In today’s world, genetically modified organisms are becoming more and more widely used eliminating any kind of natural food. Putting unnatural chemicals into organisms can cause many risks to not only humans, but more importantly the environment. Genetically modifying organisms will eventually lead to nothing but harm and it is even more dangerous because they are not labeled when sold as a “GMO”. The practice of genetically modifying organisms must be stopped
Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd is a song about escaping reality through drug use. This song was written when drug use was popular amongst society. It is about entering a state of delirium and feeling detached from reality in order to escape it. Brave New World’s society is like this song because its society uses drugs in order to escape the world that they live in. Soma, the drug they use, is used in order escape reality into a more pleasant state of mine where they are happier. It is called a “Soma vacation” because it is like a break where they take a mental trip to a better place. The people in this society describe it as "The warm, the richly coloured, the infinitely friendly world of soma-holiday". This drug in this book is the main way that people experience a care-free, pleasant feeling. It lets them be numb to everything around them and be in a pleasant and comfortable state of mind. It is an escape into this fantasy state of mind becoming unaware of everything that is really wrong with their society. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and A Brave New World by Huxley have the main focus of escaping reality.

Shakespeare Investigation

“Oh! She doth teach the torches to burn bright. / It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night, / Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear; / Beauty too rich for use for earth too dear…” (12.41)

John reads these lines as Lenina is about to be in bed with the Songster. This is how Romeo describes Juliet in the Shakespeare play: Romeo and Juliet. He says this when he first sees her but still has no idea that she is Capulet and is forbidden to fall in love with her. Romeo’s unawareness of Juliet being a Capulet is like John’s unawareness of Lenina’s lifestyle making in both situations for them to be unable to be together
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Dystopia Wordle

Dystopian Hero

Katniss Everdeen, the main character in Hunger Games, would fare better in today’s world than she did in her world, Panem. She was a survivor of the Hunger Games and also the leader of the rebellion in order to stop the tyranny of the Capitol of Panem. She rebels due to the mistreatment in the lower districts of her “country” and to the cruel and unusual punishment of the “Hunger Games” where one girl and one boy is selected annually from each district to fight til death in an arena until one comes out on top. I think she would do much better in our world today because it is much more of a democracy than it is in her world. In our world, she would have more rights and freedom than she did in her district. She would have the opportunity to make something of herself or find a better job in order to support her family. She would be able to live a much more normal life. She would also live free from the thought of the “Hunger Games” which would be a relief to her because all she wants to do is protect her family and friends.

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