July Hostesses!

I am So Excited for Your Show!

Your Trunk Show is Coming Up!

I am super excited to share our NEW FALL COLLECTION with YOU and all of your friends!

I would love to get you the most in FREE CREDITS!

Just to review....

$200 and 2 orders- 10% and 1 half priced item (2-3 guests)

$300 and 4 orders- 15% of sales back in credit and 2 half priced items (about 4 guests)

$500 and up- 20% back in credit and 3 half priced items (about 5-6 guests)

$1000 and up- 25% back in credit and 4 half priced items (about 10-12 guests)

I want to get you $250+ in rewards! You are going to LOVE shopping with all of that money!! :) Think about what you would like and create a wishlist!!! I would love to see it!

Outside Order Challenge!

I love a good challenge! If you collect 3 outside orders before your show, I'll gift you any pair of studs of your choice!! YAY!!!!

Anyone can order right online! Just have them go to my site...

www.stelladot.com/nicolewalsh and find YOUR NAME as the hostess :)

All orders ship to the customer (not you! :) in about a week! You do NOT have to deliver jewels to all of your friends...yippy!