Help Wanted

Louie's Repair Shop

Diesel Mechanic Needed

If you have an education in Diesel Mechanics, such as agriculture, mechanics, math, computers, industrial arts and business. Come on down to your Louie's Repair Shop.

We can fix any car!!!

Job Requirements

  • Have a Degree in Mechanics
  • Be able to work on Farm equipment to cars

How much you can earn!!!

$ 36,730 is how much you can make in only 1 year!

There is a health insurance benefit so you are insured if you are injured on the job.

Hard Workers will not only get a good salary but have a good employee report card that will be sent to the business you apply for next.

To Apply

To apply call me at 194-653-9120 to set up a meeting or come to the shop at 529 Ironwood Rd.