France's Features

By Ahmed Abdellah

France and The EU

France, was a founder of the Eurpoean Union and joined in March 25, 1957. Before changing its currency into the Euro, the currency was the French Franc.
1 Euro equals 6.559570002 French Francs

History of the Counrty/Flag

France used to be part of the Roman Empire. France is the largest country in the EU, and the second largest country in Europe. After the French Revolution and some time,France became a republic which is what it is today. The modern French flag sates back to 1794. Red, white, and blue were the colors of the French Revolution. Red and blue represent Paris, where the main revolution was fought. White symbolizes royalty.


France is located above Spain, and under the UK and Germany, in Western Europe. France's geographical features consists of many bodies of water, and many mountains/ mountain regions such as Auvergne,in the center of France.

Tourism/major cities

Paris, France attracts over 45 million visitors a year, mostly from the Eiffel Tower. The French Rivera, has famous film festivals and warm weather year round. The Capital of France is Paris. For major cities with a large population are Marseille, Lyon, Taulouse, and Nice.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact 1: France attracts more tourists than any other country in the world.

Fun Fact 2: Pets are very important in French culture, they are allowed in public places.

Fun Fact 3: Under the monarchy, the heir to the French throne was called, "le dauphin" (the dolphin)


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