WCPS Return to Play

and Extracurricular Activities

This newsletter contains information about our voluntary conditioning and skills-based engagement seasons and extracurricular activities during the first semester. The health and safety of WCPS students and staff will remain our top priority. In-person conditioning and extracurricular activities may occur when WCPS is in stages two through five of the Return to Learn Plan, provided all guidelines below are followed. If WCPS returns to Stage 1 all athletic and extracurricular activities must be virtual. Some activities may be modified, delayed, or cancelled based on staffing and Covid-19 restrictions. If you have any questions after reading this Smore, please contact your school's principal.

First-semester Voluntary Conditioning and Skill-based Engagement Seasons

Fall Sports
    • Monday September 21, 2020 to Friday October 23, 2020

Spring Sports
    • Monday October 26, 2020 to Friday December 4, 2020

Winter Sports
    • Monday December 7, 2020 to Friday January 22, 2021

Required Documentation for Participation

Students must provide documentation of an updated pre-participation physical evaluation (sports physical) before participating in any conditioning and re-engagement activities.

Pre-Participation Physical Form/Evaluación física
WCPS Parent/Student-Athlete Participation COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form
Students must register through Family ID

First-semester Voluntary Conditioning and Skill-based Engagement Guidelines

  • All activities will be voluntary for both students and coaches.

  • All activities will be open to all high school students, and there will be no tryouts.

  • All activities will be held outside, in the gym, or in the weight room.

  • All activities must be held on school campus, with the exception of golf

  • Activities held Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, with a limit of 2 hours per day for each sport or activity.

  • All activities must be conducted in pods of 10-15 students and follow current social distancing guidelines:

    • One coach per 10-15 student-athletes.

    • Pod composition must remain consistent during each session and throughout the conditioning and re-acclimatization activities. Students will remain in the same pod from their first to last day of participation.

  • Coaches are expected to hold practices a minimum of 3 days each week.

  • Week 1 = Small Pod (10-15 students) conditioning/re-acclimatization activities only.

  • Weeks 2-5 = Small Pod (10-15) skill-based coaching/instruction may take place.

  • The use of locker rooms will not be permitted, students must show up “ready to practice.”

  • Teams must follow sport-specific guidelines on allowable activities and equipment.

  • No athletic participation fee will be charged for the first semester.

Use of Face Coverings

  • Students and staff must follow WCPS guidelines for face coverings while on school property.

  • All students and coaches must have a face covering with them (on their person) at all times.

  • Students engaged in high-intensity physical activity outdoors do not need to wear a mask when socially distanced.

  • Coaches are expected to comply with and enforce the use of face coverings whenever social distancing of 6 feet is difficult to maintain.

  • Students and staff must use face coverings while indoors at all times.

  • During weight conditioning and while in the weight room, students must use face coverings at all times, even while lifting.

Check-In Procedures

  • Carpooling is not recommended.

  • All students and coaches will check in with the Athletic Trainer at the check in location prior to reporting to their designated field.

  • Each team will have a designated check-in time prior to each session.

  • Students should arrive promptly and remain in their vehicles until their pod’s check-in time

  • Athletic trainers will use the WCPS Attendance Tracking sheet to check students and coach in prior to each session.

  • COVID-19 signs and symptoms signage will be displayed as reminders at the check-in area.

  • Parents/caregivers who choose to remain on site must remain in vehicles and should avoid congregating in the parking lot or on athletic fields.

Hygiene Practices

  • Students must bring their water bottles labeled with their names. The sharing of water bottles will not be permitted.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available.

  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer.

  • Athletes should be reminded not to touch their faces.

  • The sharing of personal property (towels, water bottles, etc.) will not be permitted.

  • Team huddles, handshakes, fist bumps, spitting, chewing of sunflower seeds, and other activities that promote transmission of illness will not be permitted.