Nien Cheng for President

Born January 28, 1915, Beijing, Died November 28, 1915, D.C.

Surviving the No. 1 detention house in Shanghai shows that she had a strong will.

When Nien Chen was in the detention house she had to suffer through emotional and physical hardships. She was pressured into a false confession of being a British spy. She was tortured, mocked and hurt in public, and suffered through many health problems where she could only get help from inexperienced doctors, who usually gave her false information about her health.
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Great Leader.

1. She was strong willed, able to never give up in the detention house, worked hard to get to the U.S to enjoy the freedom of a free country.

2.A very smart person, used great writing in her biography that speaks volumes.

Her Daughter's death

Most people don't know about Nien Cheng's daughter; Meiping. When she returned from the detention house, officials told her that her daughter committed suicide, Nien Cheng did not believe it, she worked hard to find out the real reason why her daughter died.

The Kuomanting flag, a symbol of her will.

When she was interrogated, they constantly told her that she took a picture of herself with the Kuomanting flag to show she supported them, not communist China, they even made her brother believe this, by trying to break down his memory, but this could not be done with Nien Cheng, she knew she never did this, and stood up for herself.