Bridging the Gap

By Tori, Daniya, and David


Story Read: White Heron

Literary Characteristics: Era of Realism, Naturalism and the civil war

Major Event of the Time:

-1850 California became the 31st state of the United States of America

-1851 the newyork times founded

-1854 Republican Party founded

- 1857 the Indian mutiny

- 1859 first oil well

Attitude of Nation:

-During the 1850s and 1890s, members of American medical community sought to exclude the Chinese from immigrating to the USA because the physicians believed that the Chinese opium smoking habit threatened the moral system of the country.

Advancements at the Time:

-Major developments in the world of transportation took place between 1850 and 1890,

-Isaac Singer gave the world the sewing machine motor in 1855.

-The typewriter was invented by Christopher Scholes in 1867.

-In 1867, Sylvester Roper invented a coal-powered, steam-driven motorcycle

-Nobel created innovative weapons devices during this time, including a detonator in 1863, dynamite in 1867 and blasting gelatin made of gun cotton and nitroglycerin in 1875.

Political Situation:

1873 and 1893 were years remembered primarily as the beginnings of two disastrous economic depressions, or “panics.” Americans witnessed nationwide labor strikes and sustained price deflation.

Social Tendencies:

-number of baptisms increase from 1853 to 1863.

-increase in population.

-during 1877-1878 mostly Mexican-American aged under 5, died.

Pop Culture:

Romanticism and Impressionism

Important Information:

Love of nature has been shown, the girl took sight of the bird instead of her love

Quotes ^

1)bright sunset still glimmered faintly among the trunks of the trees

2)Sylvia herself, it seemed as if she never had been alive at all before she came to live at the farm.

3)Sylvia whispered that this was a beautiful place to live in, and she never should wish to go home

4)They were full of little birds and beasts that seemed to be wide awake, and going about their world, or else saying good-night to each other in sleepy twitters.

5) It was a surprise to find so clean and comfortable a little dwelling in this New England wilderness


Story Read

Open Boat

Literary Charactersitics

Modernism, most writers were moving to America to settle.

Major Events

Immigration is at an all time high, USA had declared war on Spain

Attitude of the Nation

During 1890-1910 there was a lot of pride in America. America had begun to settle down and start running smoothly after all the immigrants came in.

Advancements at the Time

Air conditioning, Planes, Automatic transmission

Political Tendancies

U.S. Government declared war against Spain known as the Spanish-American War. National Security was being threatened

Pop Culture

Most of the music made in the 1890-1910 was love songs and songs about war, love for their country and love for loved ones.

Important Information from Story

Nature helped the men stranded out in sea keep their sanity. Nature helped the men make it to shore and stay alive.


Story Read

How it Feels to be a Colored Me

Literary Characteristics

Modernism, many writers lived in Europe during this time

Major Events of the Time

World War One begins; The titanic sinks; Daylight Savings; Mein Kampf published

Attitude of the Nation

Modernism was the desire to break with the past. Before the war, the attitude was optimism. Many writers excepted at the time and wanted to express the waste and futility. They wanted to make some sense of the experience.

Advancements of the Time

Electricity began affecting the way people lived; vacuum cleaners and washing machines were commercially available yet still very expensive; telephones were the hot new thing as well. Those who did not have telephones still had to reply by writing to each other.

Political Situations

Franklin Delano Roosevelt; war caused a lot of migrations which resulted in more Racism: increased tensions between races

Social Tendancies

Racism; organizations such as KluKluxKlan came;

Pop Culture

Long skirts, big hats, silent films

Forms of art: futurism, Dadaism, cubism; Picasso

Important Info From Story

Racism was something that went on during that time period

Quotes ^

1.) "I have no separate feeling about being an American citizen and colored."

2.) "Slavery is sixty years in the past"

3.) "I was not Zora of Orange County anymore, I was now a little colored girl."

4.) "Up to my thirteenth year I lived in my little Negro town of Eatonville, Florida."

5.) "I do not always feel colored"