logan winagte

i want to go into the army

when i get out of high school i want to go into the Army. over many years in the army I want to go into the army and become an army ranger. This is my main goal in life and like the light at the end of the hallway for me.

my view on school

I'm going to be honest with you. I hate school more than anything, I struggle a lot with staying focused and staying on task and getting my home work done. But thinking about the fact that if i don't pass and ill have a poor job scares the hell out of me. so i just work towards the goal of being successful in the army.
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the mustang

right now me and my dad are building a car. to be more specific we're building a 1970 mustang fast back. were putting a 427 engine in it with a five speed transmission. i plan on running the 1/4 mile in the spring and hopefully making under a time of 11 seconds.