Nissan Gt-R vs Nissan Skyline (r34)

The Nissan GT-R and r34 Skyline are fast sports cars made in Japan. They are known as "Godzilla" because of how fast they go, leave supercars in the dust, and how they backfire. The Skyline costs around $90,000-$100,000, and the GT-R is around $100,000-$110,000. The only time a GT-R is $150,000 is when it's a Nismo, meaning more performance ready and more horsepower. The engine for the r34 is called a "rb26dett" which is the main engine that comes with the car, but there's also a engine for it callled "rb30." These engines produces around 500 horsepower with twin turbos and is a 2.6 liter engine But they can reach higher amount of hp if you tune it better. They also give the Nissan Skyline r34 289lb-ft of torque meaning "turning power" of the wheel. This car is a AWD (all wheel drive) dual-clutch 6 speed transmission. This car tuned really good can reach 0-60mphs in less than 3 seconds. Now moving on to the Nissan GT-R the new engine for 2014-15 model is called "vr38dett." These engine can be hooked up/ tuned to be really fast. They come with 500-600 horsepower with twin turbos and has 460-480 lb-ft of torque, and is also a AWD dual clutch six speed transmission. It wil shift in as fast as .15 of a second and reaches 0-60mphs in less then 3 seconds. But in the end the original godzilla (r34 Skyline) will always be the best because a famous actor Paul Walker drove one and it left supercars in the dust.
R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vs R35 GT-R: The Ultimate Godzilla Review