Marco Polo

~ Who, What, Where, When

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Who; The beginning of Marco Polo:Explorer in the making

Having Marco's mother die when he was around the age of seven, and his father and uncle always traveling, Marco spent most of his childhood alone, only raised by an extended family. He grew up in Venice,Italy, and came from a family of wealthy merchants, thus his father traveling a lot to keep the wealth going. Marco's travels started in his trip to China.

Where and When? Marco’s Travels, Achievements, and Discoveries.

Marco Polo discovered a great many places, and had the privilege of serving in Kubli Kahn's court in China, and served there for seventeen years. On his way, Marco discovered the Gobi desert, and wrote about it in great detail in his book he wrote about his many adventurers that we are grateful for, because without it we probably wouldn't know nearly as much about the geography of our world today. His travels took him through the Gobi desert, to China, South America, Afghanistan, and Persia. He sent a war ship to Genoa, and went to prison fro it, but it gave him a wonderful opportunity to write his book called "The Description of the World", later known as "The Travels of Marco Polo." In this book, he wrote about his travels, experiences, and observation, which lead us to discoveries of our own, wanting to travel just as Marco Polo had, and find our own discoveries. Thus us finding out about the world being round, thanks to his inspiration.
History Marco Polo- Journey To The East -Documentary

What? His impact on us.

Marco Polo was a man of great observation, and we are thankful for that today, because without it, I'm sure we may still have the question of weather or not the world is indeed round, or if it is flat, but who knows, all we really know and can be certain of is the fact that Marco Polo did indeed write a book about his travels, true or not, we are still debating that fact, but he wrote it, and became famous for it, and inspired a many people to make their own discoveries such as Christopher Columbus. Marco Polo also gave us our first outline look on a geography map, and helped us to find more than anyone had before. Marco Polo is a huge inspiration to us all.


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