Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

March 21st - 25th

Greetings Everyone!

Another week down and spring break is just around the corner! We are off on April the 1st and the following week of the 4th - 8th. Our class will be extra busy for the next nine school days!

Spring has arrived and so has the pollen! If your child needs allergy medications, you must bring the medicine into the school clinic. Students in elementary school are not allowed to bring in their own medications. They must visit the clinic and speak with the nurse if they feel they need to take their medications.

Don't forget that the Northbrook Middle School Rising Sixth Graders Open House is on Tuesday the 22nd at 6:00 in the school cafeteria. Mrs. Blankenship and I both plan on being there to support our students as they begin this transition!

Our Jackson Jam basket looked terrific! Thanks to John's family, Tim's family, and Eva Marie's family for sending in items.

Last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to see the play And Then They Came for Me. It was very moving and I think really gave the students a sense of what many families went through while they were in hiding during the Holocaust.

We have many items in our lost and found. If your child has lost a jacket, hat, or some other personal item, have them ask me for permission to see if it is in the lost and found.

Here's a look at next week...

In math next week, we will tackle coordinate grids. We only graph positive numbers in the first quadrant and we do look for relationships between the numbers in the x and y pairings. This is the last "new" skill of the school year and the assessment on Friday will count as a test grade. After that, we will begin reviewing all of the skills taught since the beginning of the year.

I'd like to pass on another reminder that sixth grade math content is available on my eClass page and that all of my homeroom students and Mrs. Blankenship's students have access to this content. If you want to get a head start on the sixth grade math content, downloading these PDFs and working through them is a great idea. Send them in to me and I will check the work and provided additional support for your child.

In social studies next week, we will complete chapter nine by studying the Korean War, the Cold War, the Red Scare, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. A study guide will be given out Tuesday and it will be due on Monday, the 28th. The test is on Tuesday the 29th.

In science next week, we will begin our unit on electricity and magnetism by first exploring static electricity. We were unable to start this unit last week because of a tight schedule. There will be a lab activity on Friday that will count as a daily grade.

In reading, the students will be reviewing figurative language through analyzing poetry. A daily grade will be given Friday, March 25th. The students will also review point of view (1st, 2nd, and 3rd person). A Front Row assignment will be posted Monday and will be due Friday. Students have been reminded that some questions require multiple answers in order to be counted as correct. The students need to continue documenting 30 minutes of reading each night.

In conjunction with reading, the students will be applying their knowledge of figurative language through a writing daily grade that will be given Friday. A writing FrontRow assignment will be posted Monday. Best effort is expected as always by Mrs. Blankenship

In word study, the next root is "ate/ation." The daily grade for this root will be given Thursday. All words have been posted on Quizlet.

Important Dates:

March 22nd - Northbrook Middle School Open House - 6:00 PM - I'll be there!

March 25th - Report Cards Sent Home

March 29th - Book Fair

April 1st - Student/Teacher Holiday - Weather Make up #3

April 4th - 8th - Spring Break

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Shaw