Are roller coasters safe?

By:Ariah Manker

why they need more safety regulations

Why we need more safety regulations!

Why they need more is because a lot of people are get injured and hurt or end up even dead because of the roller coaster ride.If there is more safety regulations there will be less death and injury to people riding these roller coasters.So if we can do that to keep our loved one safe and sound.If we don't there could be dire consequences to every one that rides the roller coasters.

Some reason why i think there needs more safety regulations while ride the roller coaster

If the ride get stuck who going to ketch you when you fall.Another reason is how do we know if the seat isn't going to not buckle you then what'what do you do die by falling out?My third reason why is how do you know that it is going to be completely safe for you to ride it.But that is why i think there should be more safety regulations.

How they are safe

How there are safe

Roller coaster were made to be a tiny bit dangerous but keep you safe and yes some of them may have there defaults but every body has them so get over it.And if they where dangerous they would not let you ride the roller coaster!

How they are safe!

The ways they are safe is when you get on a roller coaster that clicking sounds that you here is actually a safety protection so the roller coaster does not fall back wards and you die and the latches and seat beats are there to keep you safe and to help keep you in the roller coaster at all times.SO where it and don't mess with it.

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when the people took a tragic ride

Monday, July 22nd 2013 at 10:15pm

Six Flags, Arlington, Tex, United States

Arlington, TX

A woman fell to her death because she didn't buck seat in completely so you could say it was her fault or it was the roller coasters but either way it is both of there faults