Book Report by Christabel Stewart

"A Mango Shaped Space" by Wendy Mass (221 pages)

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Setting and Context

A Mango Shaped Space takes place in a world very similar to our modern day world. It still has all the society "rules" and drama. The main settings are around Mia's house, her school, and outside her house. There is a field behind Mia's house and she is constantly playing in it with her best friends, Jenna.
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Main Characters

Mia (protagonist)

Mia is a thirteen year-old girl in 8th grade who has a condition known as synesthesia. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Her best friend is Jenna Davis, who lives right next door.

“It’s not a rat, Jenna. Its mango as a kitten!”

Adam (antagonist)

Adam is a fourteen year old, that lives in Boston, who also has synesthesia. He met Mia on the website that helps people with with synesthesia understand their colors better.

“We should have grabbed a bottle of wine from inside; they never would have noticed.”


Jenna is Mia's best friend who is also thirteen years old. She lives with her dad because her mother passed away shortly after Jenna was born.

“You worked so hard on it. It looks like it was really good.”

Minor Characters

Roger Carson



Billy Hinkle


Mia's parents

Main Conflict

Man vs. Himself: Mia is constantly fighting with herself about keeping her colors a secret, telling everyone that she sees colors and shapes, or actually learning more about them. Another example is when Mia kept blaming herself for Mango's death, even though there was nothing she could have done to prevent it.
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Minor Conflicts

Man vs Man: When Jenna and Mia get into a fight because Mia never told Jenna about her synesthesia.

Man vs. Nature: When the painting Mia made for her late grandfather was ruined by a sudden storm.

Man vs Society: Mia being made fun of for associating colors with numbers and letters.

Themes Author Explores in this Book

Being different is okay- it's not weird to be yourself, especially if you can't control it.

Everyone is different- there is really no such thing as normal when the definition of it is different for everyone.

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Likes and Dislikes

I like how it proves that being different is okay. I also like how it shows relationship whether it's with an animal or with a friend.

I didn't like that Mia got a new “Mango” at the end of the book. It was kind of like she replaced him. I also didn't like that Mia secretly did things without telling her parents.

Favorite Part

My favorite part is when Mia gets the acupuncture and it enhances her colors. I like how everyone had their own color that surrounded them. Even Mango had a colorful shadow.
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