The Elementary IDSS News

Issue #12, February 15th, 2019

The following is a true story . . . . .

. . . . . from a Lakeville kindergarten classroom. I had just watched a great lesson that had kindergarten students reading sight words while moving around the room. When the lesson was finished and the sight words had all been read, I picked one student and asked, "What was the lesson about? What did your teacher want you to learn." His response: 'We had a fire drill today!" Knowing that we haven't had any fire drills in a very long time, I repeated the questions and he said, "We had a fire drill today and there was a truck and we got to go on it!"
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Strategies and Tools You Can Use - Silent & Compliant Dice

Anyone who has taught elementary math knows all too well the sound of dozens of dice ricocheting off desks and kids scrambling on the floor after lost dice. Here's a very clever idea I saw a kindergarten teacher use. She puts a single foam die in a small Tupperware container for the kids to use. There's no noise and no lost dice and wasted time.
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Talent Ed Emails and Tasks

Some of you have been receiving emails from Talent Ed notifying you that you are behind on your submissions or that your e-folio has an overdue task. DO NOT PANIC! These are auto messages that come from Talent Ed (not the district). You may need to Save and Submit your Task 1 or you may need to sign a form in your signature folder. Your administrator may also need to complete a task. Read the Task that is overdue and if it is an administrative task, forward the email to your principal and he/she will take care of it.

Also, when working on your TDE, you will need to go into both Task 3 and Task 4 tabs to find the reflection sections for PD, Peer Observations, Student Engagement, Growth Model Assessment, and PLCs.

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As always, how can we help you and your students?

Janet - OHE/EVE

Bethany - IA@OLE/CVE

Michelle - LME/LVE


P.S. The following message was seen on an elementary laptop in district.

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