September 6, 2013

Emergency Messaging System

I have set up an account with an on-line service (Remind 101) that will send out text messages and emails to all subscribers in the event of an actual emergency. These messages will contain important information to help keep you informed. Please click the link below to subscribe to either the text message, the email or both.

An account has also been set up for parents to receive messages as well. This will be pushed out to parents on our new web site and I will forward it our Mt Park PTA for posting on Facebook.

Reminder: Professional Learning Plans and Class Profiles

Professional Learning Plans are due today.

Data should be recorded in class profiles by Wednesday, September 18. An email will come from Sharissa with specific directions.

Parent Conferences - Clarification

Ms. Seymour sent out the conference template yesterday. My intent in having one evening designated for conferences is to have everyone available that evening for parents who cannot attend during the day.

Also, in recognition of the amount of time you will spend conferencing with parents that week, there will be no scheduled meetings the following week. You may go home each day as soon as the buses leave during the week of 9/30-10/4.

Please structure your conferences in a way that you stay within your conference time frame. A link to a timer is below as a visual for parents that time is up...this sometimes helps keep things rolling.

Upcoming Dance

Just a reminder of the department who is organizing this upcoming event and those who are scheduled to attend. Thanks for your support of the local PTA events.