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GPS and Conversations - Day One

Christine had some new tricks up her sleeve and Michael was onsite observing - he was blown away! She put folks in subject area small groups (had a large group of 32). She didn't explain course structures AT ALL - just let them explore and figure it out on their own, then debriefed whole group and answered questions! It went great! Her padlet wall is always amazing:


Dashboard review all together, all other reports in small groups.

Loved her BLOG on the LAUSD home page - WOW!!!!


Site Admin and IS Training Day

Today began with the first Site Admin meeting day scheduled with LAUSD Central - one out of six districts within LAUSD. Not a stellar turnout, but it's a start, and the folks that did come participated and had good feedback. There were lots of questions, one principal gathered great info from her students both positive and negative and invited us to come onsite to see things in action! Yay! We also went over data for the district - not so good. We spent time brainstorming ways to improve things as a whole which went well. Follow up plans were made - again this is a plus - and overall, we left feeling better.

Next it was off to an IS training. This went REALLY well. Good turnout, great questions and I was VERY impressed with the level of knowledge Christine had considering she was pretty much self taught. Super session!

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Impromptu Meeting with Erika

Lastly, we had an unscheduled meeting with Erika in the district office. She discussed making changes to the grade threshold for passing effective immediately and the implications surrounding that change. She shared her passionate feelings about Christine's effectiveness in LAUSD and how integral her role has been in the implementation. We discussed the successes and shortcomings of the implementation thus far and at this time had a very exciting moment:

* Christine proposed two of the ideas she and I just discussed the day before - the spring showcase and the site drop in visits

Erika LOVED both ideas - so much so that she got her calendar out and immediately began picking days in January to start targeting schools to visit!!!

* I offered to provide a list of discussion questions I developed with a district I worked with which she loved even more

* She asked that I come back if possible to help out with some visits and conversations since this is new and she doesnt' want them to feel pressured, but does want them have some accountability

When we left the office, Christine gave me a HUGE hug and said Thank you so much - i feel like we have some direction now and are headed in the right way. =)

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