My Summer Vacation

By: Avery Palu

Lake McConaughy

I like going to the lake over the summer. It is really fun and there is a lot to do there. We camp there. We have family reunions there and we camp there with our friend from Colorado.


I babysit during the summer. For some family friends.


I swim at Hasting water park and Capital Heights. I swim at the lake too.


My family goes camping at Lake McConaughy. We also camp at Calamus. It is fun in both those places. We go tubing when we go to Calamus.

Sport Camps.

Every year I do the Kearney volleyball camp. I also do a basketball camp at Kearney. I do the volleyball and basketball at northwest.

Summer Weights

I will do weights this year because if I want to be in sprouts in the future I am going to have to do weights. and other things to make me better at that sport.