AbbVie Inc

AbbVie Inc's Story

It was incorporated on April 10, 2012. It was founded by Wallace Calvin Abbott. The current CEO is Richard A. Gonzalez. It has many other subsidiaries including Abbott Endocrine Inc., Aeropharm Technology, LLC, Aeropharm Technology, LLC, Life Properties Inc., and more. AbbVie Inc belongs to the industry Drug Manufacturers-Major. Its chief competitors are PFIZER INC, MERCK & CO., INC and Novartis AG.

Factors of Production

It produces pharmaceuticals like Advicor, AndroGel, Biaxin, Calcijex, and Cardizem. AbbVie Inc has about 25,000 global employees. Its market cap is 93.47B.

Financial Information

Its net income has drastically decreased compared to where is started from five years ago. A possible explanation for this is because markets lowered its price target to $62 from $63. The higher discount could be cause for a lower net income.
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Stock Information

Its symbol is ABBV and NYSE is the stock exchange it trades under. It has a high of $70.76 and a low of $45.50. Right now it is trading for $58.46. AbbVie Inc pays dividends quarterly. Its last one was $0.49 on 2/13/15. As of now, AbbVie Inc has never had a stock split. It has a

total of 288, 737 shares available for trade. Maxx Chatsko thinks AbbVie Inc is a good investment because it has risen 20% since it hit the market earlier this year, and it pays a heavy dividend. It even managed to beat the S&P 500 by 10%.

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News Releases

AbbVie Inc recently agreed to buy biotech firm Pharmacyclics Inc, the maker of blockbuster blood cancer therapy, Imbruvica. Acquiring Pharmacyclics will give AbbVie access to Imbruvica and boost its oncology drug pipeline. This should make the stock prices rise because there is a better chance the company will become more successful and make more money.

ABBV participated in the Barclays Global Health Care Conference on Thursday, March 12, 2015. Richard A. Gonzalez participated in a question and answer session at 8:30 a.m. I don't think that this will affect the cost prices that much, but they could possibly rise a little bit as their popularity increases.

Summary, Analysis, Reflection

If I knew all this information about AbbVie Inc, I still would have purchased the stock. In fact, I would have bought more of it. As of now, I have lost $1,672.10 since I invested in the stock market. I learned that I should not invest real money in the stock market unless I have help from someone. I also learned that the stock prices are changing each second, and investing when the stock is down would be smarter than investing when the stock is up.
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